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What's Travelcene about?

Travel writing is at an inflexion point in Singapore. On the one hand, we have sites that offer great practical advice on what to do and where to go. However, they often skimp on covering topics like history, culture, and design which are often precisely what motivates people to travel to these destinations in the first place. Similarly, while we have extremely talented travel photographers in Singapore, very few complement their creative work with compelling writing.

As such, Travelcene aims to become a platform for creatives interested in showcasing their skill and love for travel through our longform articles and travel guides. This endeavour is also complemented by a team of fare experts that maintain a regularly updated directory of flight deals to help our readers lessen the financial burden of travelling, and perhaps motivate them to travel more frequently.

At Travelcene, we celebrate the dynamism of travel experiences. While there‚Äôs nothing wrong with splurging on a meal at that famous Turkish restaurant, the same can be said about staying at a hostel. We believe that there is no 'one size fits all' solution to travel and our editorial direction will always reflect this outlook. Therefore, we hope that readers will find value in our articles whether they're looking for five-star accommodation or budget eats. Oh, and we'll throw in a healthy dose of coverage on Architecture, Fashion, Retail and Lifestyle.

Travellers deserve to have unforgettable experiences. This means that one should be able to understand the historical and cultural significance of a city without having to spend a third of their trip to Korea looking at oddly (phallic) shaped Ginseng. In effect, we are trying to reclaim travel narratives from package tours and uninformed 'free and easy' trips. 

The design, articles and photographs on Travelcene are all conceptualised and created in-house. We're currently open to enquiries regarding guest-writing opportunities and content collaborations.

Drop us a note at travelcene@gmail.com