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Travelcene Deals

What's this?

We’re excited to finally launch Travelcene Deals - a regularly updated directory of deals to help you get to your dream destinations for less. More flying, less stalling.


At Travelcene, we take immense pride in creating engaging long-form content. In this age of travel, we all know that it is simply just not enough to read about and imagine places or phenomena - more than ever, we all feel the need to encounter new experiences for ourselves and on our own terms. However, more often than not, the exorbitant costs associated with air travel are a huge barrier, which in the end, only allows us to dream of the places we read about.

What gives? Consumers are routinely overcharged for their air tickets simply because they book flights at the wrong time, or are unaware of some tricks that can be employed to lower prices. The reality here is that airlines are out to make money, and they're pretty damn good at it. Yet, there are some people who seem to always be able to afford the jet-set life with ease. 

Admit it, you’ve been jealous of that certain friend who keeps boasting about scoring great deals to exotic cities.

We’re here to save the day. And your holiday. And your wallet. 

Imagine flying from home to major cities in Europe for about 700 dollars, or if you're inclined, in Premium Economy on world-renowned airlines to American cities for about a thousand. Think further - we've seen great Business Class deals at price points that many would be shocked at. Who wouldn't want a once-in-a-lifetime experience that doesn't break the bank? At Travelcene, we are out to get the best deals for us, and for you.

What was once a hobby amongst friends has now developed into a team of fare experts that work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring to you the latest deals on flights from Asia to the rest of the world, in the hope that we'll all be able to travel more on less. We're not relying on any scams or gimmicks for our flight deals, but instead, on quick eyes and expertise on knowing where to look. 


How do we get our deals?

Other than going through the hard work of trawling through forums, we try to anticipate deals wherever they may appear (and often do so for various reasons).

However, scoring these great deals often come with a few caveats, but if you're willing to compromise on some aspects of your 'perfect holiday', you're in for some real savings. 

1. Positioning

Flag carriers (SQ for Singapore, MH for Malaysia, you get the point) oftentimes overcharge passengers starting their trips in their home markets. This can occur for many reasons, brand loyalty and convenience amongst them - but that's not the point here. Positioning is the concept of relocating yourself to another airport that's close to your home, (eg. KL and Singapore or Hamburg and Berlin) in order to get a cheaper fare.  

Obviously, this only works out in your favour when the total roundtrip ticket (flight to your positioned airport plus the flight to your intended destination) is cheaper than if you started your journey from your home airport. This might sound iffy because the notion of two separate flights being cheaper than one seems absurd, but you'll be surprised. Very surprised.

Hence, our deals will often take advantage of cheaper prices from 'non-traditional' airports or may land at 'non-traditional' airports that are close to your destination. If you're willing to take a short regional flight to your final destination after a 10-hour snooze on a lie-flat Business Class seat (which, by the way, includes lounge access, fine-dining at 30,000ft and many other perks), you're in for a real treat. 

2. Taking advantage of promotional fares

Airlines routinely offer promotions on low-yield routes in order to save them from making losses and hence, some great deals often appear on such select routes. 

However, these will often be heavily discounted economy fares and hence very few of them will allow you to earn a significant number of miles (if you're into that). However, if your objective is to get from point A to B with as little money as possible, these fares would be perfect. We'll also be featuring budget carriers with exceptionally low prices if we think that there's real value being offered. 

3. Flying with 'non-traditional' carriers

For examples, carriers like Oman Air and Saudia routinely offer very good deals in Business Class (on par or even cheaper than economy class in some cases), which depending on who's flying, could sound like a great bargain.


What can you expect?

For every post, we'll layout why we think the deal looks good, focusing on factors like:

1. Flight availability (peak or non-peak seasons)

2. Fare Class (mileage accrual rates and where to credit your miles)

3. The ease of reaching to other popular cities that are nearby 

4. Recommendations about accommodation and other trip logistics

5. Some articles about the destination, if any

It is our sincere hope that you'll find value in the deals that we put out. If you have any questions about the deals that we post, or need help booking them, feel free to shoot us an email or send a message through Facebook - we'll be happy to help!

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