Hong Kong to San Francisco ≈ 650 SGD Roundtrip (Asiana Airlines)

Hong Kong (HKG) ✈ San Francisco (SFO)

via Seoul-Incheon (ICN)

from 3744 HKD / 650 SGD

Enjoy a 5-star flight experience on Asiana's new jets as you get transported to San Francisco, the home of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, quintessential Californian life and a melting pot of cultures.

Operating Airline:

Asiana (OZ)

Fare Class: 

T, Economy

Total Mileage (roundtrip):


Mileage Accrual:

80% (TP), 70% (AI, AV), 50% (OZ, CA, EY, SK, TK, UA)

San Francisco.jpg

Nearby cities: 

  • San Jose (78 km)
  • Sacramento (141 km)

Make your trip great:

Fare Availability and Rules: 

  • Some availability in Sep and Dec - Feb 19
  • Wide open availability in Oct, Nov and Mar 19
  • Trip length of 2 days - 1 month
  • Tickets have to be purchased 21 days before departure 


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