The Travelcene Guide to Singapore Airlines and SilkAir


The Travelcene Guide to Singapore Airlines and SilkAir aims to demystify the various aspects of air travel with the Singapore based carriers. We'll teach you how to book strategically, choose the right seats and set the tone for your next flight. If you're here just to look at aesthetically pleasing shots, you won't be disappointed either.

We hope that the content covered in this guide will encompass the entire airport to airport experience from check-in to arrival, so that you'll have peace of mind whilst travelling.

This guide is also published in concert with the Travelcene Guide to KrisFlyer and the PPS Club.


The Singapore Airlines Brand
Carriers in the Singapore Airlines Group
Booking with Singapore Airlines
Elite Status
Destinations and Flight Schedules
Ground Experience
Onboard Experience
Singapore Airlines and SilkAir fleet (How to Choose Seats)
Star Alliance and Major Codeshare Partners
Frequently Asked Questions
Our Roundup - with important links and deals


Singapore Girl and the Silver Kris
Known worldwide for their legendary service, Singapore Airlines has invested huge sums into their training programs for the cabin crew. The Singapore Girl cuts across all marketing material as she presents an image of superior and personalised service compared to other airlines. The iconic uniform of the Singapore Girl is known as the Singapore Airlines Sarong Kebaya, designed by Pierre Balmain.

The Singapore Airlines logo features a bird that is inspired by a Silver Kris. The kris is a dagger from regional lore as a symbol of power and high social status. Singapore Airlines uses this iconography for many of its products, from its SilverKris lounges to the KrisWorld entertainment systems and its frequent flyer program - KrisFlyer.

The Singapore Hub
Singapore Airlines’ biggest asset is the Singapore Hub - a major international destination for leisure and business. Many passengers from outside the region also connect in Singapore for flights to cities across South East Asia. From Singapore, SQ flies passengers to all major capitals in Asia and Oceania. Most European cities are also served by the airline. 

Its most important flights go to cities across North Asia like Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong; regional destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Jakarta are also critically important. Singapore Airlines is a huge player in the Kangaroo Route connecting London (and other European cities) with Australia via its hub in Singapore.

World's Longest Flight
Form 11 Oct, Singapore Airlines will recapture the title of operating the ‘world’s longest flight’ between Singapore and Newark (New York City). The carrier last had the service in 2013 with an A340 but this was cancelled due to declining demand and the fuel inefficiency of the 4 engine aircraft.

A350 ULRs will be used to service the route.

Launch Customer for the A380, A350 ULR and 787-10
Singapore Airlines prides itself on having one of the world’s youngest aircraft fleets. Following this, the airline resists retaining aircrafts for more than a decade, instead opting to retire old jets in favour of newer ones. The result of this is a continually renewed fleet - the airline is now phasing out its old A330s and 777s and taking deliveries of new A380s, A350s and 787s.

Exclusively wide body planes
Singapore Airlines has always equated a premium experience with solely operating wide-body planes. Hence, you will never board a narrow body when flying with Singapore Airlines. However, this is slated to change once the carrier absorbs its sister carrier SilkAir’s jets from 2020.

Singapore Airlines Suites
Competes with Etihad’s First Class ‘Apartments’ and Emirates’ First Class. Some people consider the latter better than SQ’s suites and that might certainly seem the case with the recent reports of seat defects. However, considering that flying Business is already considered an extravagance to many, it’s hard to say that you’ll have a ‘bad’ Suites experience. 


Scoot - Escape the Ordinary

In order to compete with the growing low-cost market in the region, Singapore Airlines also has a low-cost airline known as Scoot. This airline mimics the parent carrier’s routes within the region, operating widebody 787 Dreamliners to major Asian cities. However, this low-cost brand does not attempt to mimic the legendary service of SQ as it is focused on delivering the lowest fares to customers. This means that customers have to pay for amenities and services that are traditionally considered complimentary under full service airlines. This can range from having checked baggage to having meals and blankets on board.

Its core fleet is made exclusively out of widebody 787s carrying a sizeable number of passengers per flight to primarily medium and longhaul destinations. As Scoot grows, it is gradually adding more long haul destinations to its network - it currently flies direct from Singapore to Berlin and Athens. Additionally, it also flies to Honolulu, its first destination in the United States on a service via Osaka.

With its recent merge with Tigerair, both airlines now operate under the Scoot brand. This means that Scoot has narrow body aircraft (A320s) serving short to medium haul regional destinations in Asia. 

We will have a separate guide on Scoot that will be released in time to come.

SilkAir - A Joy to Fly

As the sister carrier to Singapore Airlines, SilkAir operates regional routes that are lower in demand and less geared towards business travellers. These ‘thin’ routes are hence operated by narrow body aircraft that are more fuel efficient and carry less passengers.

Vistara - Fly the New Feeling
Started as a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and TATA Sons, Vistara is the only premium airline in India operating domestic routes within the country. Since 2015, Vistara has received multiple awards for on time performance and service excellence. It is also the only airline to operate a Premium Economy cabin domestically. 

As it has already received its 20th aircraft in Apr 2018, Vistara is set to commence international operations since it has finally met the Indian Civl Aviation Policy of requiring an airline to have 20 aircraft before being allowed to go international. Singapore Airlines has a 49% stake in Vistara.

NokScoot - Fly Awesome

In partnership with Bangkok based Nok Air, a small airline known as NokScoot flies to various secondary cities in China, Taipei and Tokyo under the joint-venture. Singapore Airlines owns 49% of this joint venture.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.58.47.png

Whilst booking sites like Expedia have been known to offer cheaper fares as compared to booking directly with the airline, this is rarely the case with Singapore Airlines. Hence, it is advisable to book directly through especially since it will be easier to manage certain aspects of your booking such as seat selection and meal preferences. By booking direct, customers also have the option of paying with cash, miles or a mix of the two. 

Secure My Fare

When booking with Singapore Airlines, the carrier offers a ‘Secure My Fare’ facility that allows customers to hold a booking and the available price (without payment) for up to 3 days. This allows potential passengers to confirm their travel plans whilst being able to take advantage of cheaper fares. 

This ‘privilege’ will cost between $5-20 depending on the fare type and itinerary. Secure My Fare will be forfeited after the time stipulated as the ‘hold period’ elapses. This can be as short as 24 hours for promotional fares and last up to 3 days. Secure My Fare might not be applicable for all itineraries (depending on when you book and your origin/destination) and can only be used for Economy Class bookings. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 12.11.33.png

Economy Class

Lite: Q, N, V, and K
Standard: M, H, and W
Flexi: Y, B, and E

The most important thing here is that Economy Class seats are classified into Standard, Forward Zone and Extra Legroom.

Purchasing a Lite fare means that any seat selection at all costs money.
Purchasing a Standard allows for free Standard seats but Forward Zone and Extra Legroom are chargeable.
Purchasing a Flexi allowed for free Standard and Forward Zone but Extra Legroom seats are chargeable.

Seat selection fees can range from USD 5 to USD 120 depending on the type of seat and the route.

Standard seats will become available for selection 48 hours before departure. Those travelling with a child/infant in the same booking will be entitled to complimentary Standard seat selection at the time of booking. 

KrisFlyer Elite Silver members are entitled to complimentary seat selection, while KrisFlyer Elite Gold members are able to choose Standard and Forward Zone seats for free

PPS Club members get complimentary selection of any seat, including those marked Economy Extra Legroom.

If you want to upgrade yourself to Premium Economy/Business with miles, you can only do so if you book a Economy Standard or Flexi fare type.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 12.11.55.png

Premium Economy Class

Lite: R
Standard: P
Flexi: S and T

The Premium Economy Lite fare type is only available on direct flights between Singapore and Newark (New York). Also note that the Premium Economy Class is only available on selected 777-300ERs, A380s and A350s.

Extra Legroom seats are chargeable no matter which fare type you choose, and can cost between USD 25 and USD 120 — varying based on the flight and route you are taking.

Singapore Airlines' check in baggage allowance for Premium Economy Class passengers is set at 35kg. Flexi fares accrue 125% miles.

If you want to upgrade yourself to Business Class with miles, you can only do so if you book a Premium Economy Standard or Flexi fare type.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 12.12.09.png

Business Class
Lite: D
Standard: U
Flexi: Z, C, and J

Singapore Airlines' baggage allowance for Business Class is set at 40kg. Flexi fares accrue 150% miles.

Passengers are entitled to Priority Check In and Boarding as well as Lounge access before departure.

If you want to upgrade yourself to First/Suites with miles, you can only do so if you book a Business Standard or Flexi fare type.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 12.12.17.png

First Class and Suites
Standard: F and A

Singapore Airlines' baggage allowance for First Class is set at 50kg.

Passengers are entitled to the First Class Check In Facility (in Changi), Priority Boarding and have full lounge access (including the Private Room) before departure.

We will soon have a guide to help you make the most out of your miles and get the greatest value out of your booking - stay tuned for the Travelcene Guide to KrisFlyer and the PPS Club Guide.

Click here for our FAQ if you face any booking issues.


Like other airlines, Singapore Airlines and SilkAir have their own comprehensive frequent flyer program(s) known as KrisFlyer and the PPS Club. The former is a mileage based program where status is earned through miles flown, while the latter is a revenue based system where status is earned through flights with the airline in premium cabin travel only. 

Joining KrisFlyer does not cost anything in membership fees.

To qualify, members have to:
KrisFlyer Elite Silver - Earn 25,000 Elite Miles within 12 consecutive months
KrisFlyer Elite Gold - Earn 50,000 Elite Miles within 12 consecutive months

PPS Club - Spend $25k for Business/First Class with SQ and SilkAir only, within 12 consecutive months
PPS Solitaire - Spend $50k for Business/First Class with SQ and SilkAir only, within 12 consecutive months


We’ve summarised the benefits of elite status with Singapore Airlines here according to the flight experience one might encounter:

Selecting Seats for free in Economy Class
Standard - KrisFlyer Elite Silver
Forward Zone - KrisFlyer Elite Gold
Extra Legroom - PPS Club

Check In
Priority - KrisFlyer Elite Gold and PPS Club
First Class Check In - PPS Solitaire

Lounge Access
In Changi (SilverKris Lounge) - All PPS Club Members
In Changi (KrisFlyer Gold) - KrisFlyer Elite Gold
Everywhere else (SilverKris Lounge) - Both

Priority - All PPS Club Members
Enhanced - KrisFlyer Elite Gold

Lounge Access on Arrival
Only at Heathrow for PPS Solitaire members

As the entire affair of attaining Elite Status and earning/redeeming KrisFlyer miles is pretty complicated, we’ve also written the Travelcene Guide to KrisFlyer and the PPS Club which will be published shortly.

This will cover every aspect of the program from attaining and renewing status to how to spend your miles for maximum value. It'll also feature a comprehensive summary of all membership benefits by tier.


SQ flight numbers that are 2 or 3-digits are operated by Singapore Airlines exclusively.
SQ flight numbers that are 4-digits are operated by SilkAir/Codeshare Partners.

All regional flights on Singapore Airlines and all flights on SilkAir depart from Changi Terminal 2.
All other flights and A380-operated services depart from Changi Terminal 3. 

As most flights operate on seasonal schedules, we’ve highlighted the main routes operated by the carrier, ie. its DAILY direct flights. Note that these are subject to change as well. 

If you wish to check the flight status for your Singapore Airlines flight - head here.


Kuala Lumpur SQ 118 and MI 330
Hanoi SQ 176
Ho Chi Minh SQ 178 and 186
Yangon SQ 998 and MI 518

Medan MI 238
Surabaya SQ 930
Bali SQ 938, 942, 946 and 948
Jakarta SQ 950, 952, 956, 958, 960, 962, 964, 966 and SQ 968

Phuket SQ 756
Chiang Mai MI 772, 774
Bangkok SQ 970, 972. 976, 982 and SQ 978 

Manila SQ 910, 912, 916 and SQ 918
Taipei SQ 876 and 878

Bengaluru SQ 502
Chennai SQ 528
Colombo SQ 468
Delhi SQ 406
Hyderabad MI 474
Kochi MI 468
Male SQ 452
Dhaka SQ 446
Mumbai SQ 422 and 424

Chengdu MI 836 and 938
Guangzhou SQ 850 and 852
Beijing SQ 800, 802 and SQ 806
Shanghai SQ 826, 828, 830, 832 and SQ 836

Hong Kong SQ 890, 860, 856, 866, 972, 2 and SQ 868

Seoul SQ 608, 8, 600 and SQ 602

Fukuoka SQ 656
Nagoya SQ 672
Osaka SQ 618 and 622
Tokyo-Narita SQ 12, 638
Tokyo-Haneda SQ 632, 634, 636


Brisbane SQ 255, 265, 245 and SQ 235
Canberra SQ 288
Melbourne SQ 237, 207, 217 and SQ 227
Perth SQ 225, 213, 223 and SQ 215
Sydney SQ 231, 241, 211, 288 and SQ 221

Europe and the Middle East

Dubai SQ 494
Amsterdam SQ 324
Munich SQ 328
Paris SQ 336
Zurich SQ 346
Frankfurt SQ 326 and 26
London SQ 306, 308 and 322

The Americas

Los Angeles SQ 8 via ICN and SQ 12 via NRT
New York City SQ 26 via FRA and SQ 21 (direct from 11 Oct)
San Francisco SQ 2 via HKG

singapore part20 1608-5.jpg

Check In

First Class Check In Facility/Counter - First/Suites, PPS Club
Business Class Counter - Business Class  
KrisFlyer Elite Gold Counter
Premium Economy Counter - Premium Economy
Economy Counter - All passengers
Self Check In Kiosks - All passengers

Singapore Airlines also allows for online check in if you have no bags to check in — one can use a mobile boarding pass to board the aircraft.


Singapore Airlines boards passengers according to preassigned groups.

Group 1 - First Class and PPS Club
Group 2 - Business Class
Group 3 - Premium Economy, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold
Group 4 - Those requiring assistance (infants and elderly)
Group 5 onwards - Boarding according to row number



Singapore Airlines’ own network of lounges are named as ‘SilverKris Lounges’. The airline is in the process of renovating its lounges to adopt its new ‘A Home Away From Home’ concept, which includes new productivity pods and better appointed dining and lounging spaces. These are inspired by the new Business Class seat designs introduced in 2013. 

However, if you are travelling in Economy Class but are a KrisFlyer Gold or Star Alliance Gold member, you are only allowed to access the KrisFlyer Gold lounge. Considering that the SilverKris lounge in Changi is already suffering from overcapacity, this is a sensible move for Singapore Airlines but is a definitive downgrade for KrisFlyer and Star Alliance Gold members. 

Designed by local firm ONG&ONG, the 'A Home Away From Home' concept has been rolled out in London, Sydney, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Manila, and Bangkok.

The SilverKris Lounge in Seoul is currently closed.

Singapore Changi

Terminal 2
SilverKris lounge is near Gates E on the 3rd floor
Split into the Business Class Lounge and the First Class Lounge
KrisFlyer Gold lounge is adjacent to the SilverKris Lounge

Terminal 3
SilverKris lounge is near Gates A
Split into the Business Class Lounge, First Class Lounge and the Private Room
KrisFlyer Gold lounge is adjacent to the SilverKris Lounge 

Both lounges have a wide range of food, snack and beverage options that will suit all palates. There is also a comprehensive selection of materials available that you can take with you. The Private Room is accessible only to travellers travelling on First/Suites with Singapore Airlines.

SilverKris Lounge Overseas - Asia
Kuala Lumpur - Satellite Building Mezzanine Level
Bangkok - Level 3 Concourse D
Hong Kong - Main Departure Hall Level 6
Manila - Terminal 3 Level 4
New Delhi - Terminal 3 International Wing Level 3
Taipei - Terminal 2 Level 4
Seoul (Incheon) - Closed from 18 Jan 

SilverKris Lounge Overseas - Europe
London - Terminal 2B Departure Level

SilverKris Lounge Overseas - Oceania
Adelaide - International Terminal Level 2
Brisbane - International Terminal Level 4 Departure Hall
Perth - International Terminal Departure Area
Melbourne - International Terminal 2 Satellite, Arrivals Floor
Sydney - Terminal C Level 3

Partner Lounges (for major destinations)
Jakarta - Pura Indah Lounge (KrisFlyer Gold), Esplanade Lounge (Business/First and PPS Club)

Tokyo Haneda - ANA Lounge Main and Satellite
Tokyo Narita - ANA Lounge T1

Frankfurt - Lufthansa Business/Senator
Zurich - Senator/Swiss Business lounge
Manchester - Swissport Lounge
Milan - Sale Montale Lounge
Barcelona - Miro VIP Lounge
Moscow - International Business Lounge Transit Area

New York JFK - Virgin Clubhouse (Suites and Solitaire PPS), Swiss Air Lines Star Alliance Lounge T4
San Francisco - United Club (KrisFlyer Gold/PPS), United Polaris Lounge (First/Business)
Los Angeles - Star Alliance Lounge

Johannesburg - South African Baobab Lounge


Economy and Premium Economy

Earbuds and a limited number of newspapers
Hotel towel service
SQ branded souvenirs on request
Choice of 2 mains in Economy and 3 mains in Premium Economy
Book the Cook and Champagne available in Premium Economy


Hot towel service and pre-departure beverages
On demand newspapers and headphones
Signature satay appetiser service
Enhanced Book the Cook selection including seasonal/ethnic menus

First and Suites

Amenity kit and pyjamas
Premium Book the Cook selection including seasonal/ethnic menus

In-flight entertainment - KrisWorld

The KrisWorld entertainment’s look and function changes based on aircraft type. As a rule of thumb, newer jets like the A350, 787 and the new A380s have more responsive and better looking KrisWorld interfaces. Singapore Airlines adds new content to KrisWorld on a monthly basis - head over to their Youtube channel for more

On A350s, 787s and new A380s, passengers can preselect movies via the Singapore Airlines app before their flight. Once onboard, simple pair your phone to your KrisWorld entertainment system to access your preferred movies. Your preferences and viewing history will be stored on your phone which means that you can continue where you left off on a future flight. 

Seat amenities:
All jets have in-seat power in all classes except some 777 jets where only First and Business Class seats are equipped.

USB ports are only available on A380s, A330s, 777-300ERs, A350s and 787s. 


Considering that you’re about to be stuck on a plane for a long time, it pays to be aware of what type of plane flies on which route in order to select the flights with the most comfortable seats. This is especially the case for flights to Hong Kong (a city with 7 daily flights on SQ) as the city is served from the oldest jet in the fleet, the 777-200 to one of its newest, the recently delivered A380. Seats on the 777-200 are 12 years older than the A380 and do not have any charging ports - you’ve been warned.

The seat that you will likely get depends on where you are flying to and which aircraft you are flying on. And while there is no 'Best SingaporeAirlines Plane' , it pays to choose newer jets especially if you're concerned about comfort. With all of this in mind, it’s prudent to first consult our guide before booking your flights (if you’re indifferent about what time you fly) in order to have the best possible onboard experience, ie. get the newest seats possible on the route. 

Currently, Singapore Airlines offers WiFi on all A350, A380, Boeing 777-300ER and 787-10 aircraft. 

If you have any doubts, always refer to before selecting seats. 

Though the older Economy Class seats in the Singapore Airlines fleet are by no means uncomfortable, they're decidedly less polished compared to the newer 2017 variants. If you're a stickler for in-flight entertainment screens, choose newer jets.

2006 Economy
A330, 772 and 777-200ER and 773s/some 777-300ERs and most of the old A380 stock

2013 Economy
A350 and retrofitted 777-300ER

2017 Economy
787 and new A380


The width of the seat and other minor tweaks depends on which aircraft the Premium Economy seat is deployed on. The 2018 A350 ULR seat has the biggest changes (more on that in the next section) and so we’ve highlighted that on its own. The 2015 A350 and the 2015/777 and A380 are pretty much the same seat but due to the wider cabins of the 777-300ER and the A380, these seats are wider as well.

2015 Premium Economy
A350 is slightly narrower than the 777-300ER and the A380

2018 Premium Economy
A350 ULR Narrowest but with special standalone seats

You certainly don't want to waste your miles (not least your first redemption) by redeeming seats that are almost a decade old and are rather tired. Plan wisely.

2006 Business
All 777-200ERs and some 777-300ERs, older A380s

2009 Business (Regional)
A330, 772 and 773s

2013 Business
A350 and retrofitted 777-300ERs

2017 Business
New A380s

2018 Business (Regional)


It's an open secret that First Class is going out of vogue amongst many of the world's leading airlines. Yet, while some carriers are downsizing their First Class Cabins, Singapore Airlines has decided to replace them with more extravagant Suites cabins on its flagship A380s instead. We don't need to tell you which is the better experience. Note that not all aircraft will have a First Class cabin.

2006 First
A330, 772 and 777-200ER and 773s/some 777-300ERs

2013 First
Retrofitted 777-300ERs

The difference between the old 2007 Suites and the refreshed 2017 edition is quite stark. For one, the 2017 'New Singapore Airlines Suites' variant has a separate bed and seat, practically unheard of even for First Class. Also, Suites are only found on the A380.

2007 Suites
Old A380s all awaiting refurbishment

2017 Suites
New A380s


According to type of travel

While, for the most part, the seats across the Singapore Airlines fleet are pretty much 'equal', the design of some of the newer seats does add some variation to the mix. Hence, there appears to be some seats better suited for solo travellers and some for couples. For example, some of the 787-10 Business Class seats on the side of the plane are closer to the window while some are configured to be closer to the aisle. Obviously, choose the ones closer to the window for more privacy. 

There are some seats in the fleet that lend themselves more to solo travellers and others to those travelling as a couple. We’ve highlighted those choice pickings here:

Flying Solo

2018 Premium Economy A350 ULR - Window seats in Rows 40, 41, and 42

2018 Business Regional - Seats in Rows 12, 15, 17, and 19

Flying as a Couple

2006 Economy (on the A330) - Any seats on the left/right of the aisle as the cabins are in a 2-4-2 configuration

2015 Premium Economy (except ULR) - Any seats on the left/right of the aisle as the cabins are in a 2-4-2 configuration

2018 Business Regional - 11D/F, 14/DF, 16 D/F, 18 20

2007 Old Suites - ‘Beds’ 2C/D and 3C/D as they are colocated

2017 New Suites - ‘Beds’ 1A/2A or 1F/2F as they are adjoining

With our guide, getting the best seats for your flight should neither be a guessing game nor a crapshoot. 


Changes to the Fleet

  • SQ is currently accepting deliveries of A350s (including ULRs), 787-10s and new A380s.

  • Future deliveries include 20 777X (2021/22) and some A350 Regional jets.

  • It is currently retrofitting all of its old A380s.

  • It will be phasing out its entire 777 line except for some 777-300ERs


Current workhorses

Retrofitted 777-300ERs with new cabins

2013 Economy in 3-3-3 starting as Row 41
2015 Premium Economy in 2-4-2
2013 Business (12 seats in the forward Business Class cabin) in 1-2-1
2013 First (4 seats in the First Class cabin) in 1-2-1

Longhaul A350-900s - mostly on long haul flights to Europe

2013 Economy in 3-3-3
2015 Premium Economy in 2-4-2
2013 Business in 1-2-1

Ultra Longhaul A350 - direct flight to Newark/Los Angeles

2018 Premium Economy ULR in 2-4-2 tapering to 1-4-1
2013 Business in 1-2-1

787-10 - flights to regional destinations
Currently flying to: Perth, Tokyo, Osaka and Bangkok
Scheduled: Bali (2/7), Manila (3/7), Ho Chi Minh City and Nagoya (28/7)

2017 Economy in 3-3-3
2018 Business (Regional) in staggered 1-2-1

New A380s
Currently flying to Sydney, Hong Kong and London
Scheduled: Shanghai and Zurich in Aug

2017 Economy in 3-4-3
2015 Premium Economy in 2-4-2
2017 Business in 1-2-1
2017 Suites in 1-1

To Be Phased Out

A330, 772 and 773s
2006 Economy in 3-3-3
2006 Economy (only A330) in 2-4-2
2009 Business (Regional) with 2-2-2
2006 First (only 777-300) in 1-2-1

All 777-200ERs and some 777-300ERs
2006 Economy in 3-3-3
2006 Business Class in 1-2-1
2006 First (only 777-300ER) in 1-2-1

Old A380
2006 Economy in 3-4-3
2015 Premium Economy in 2-4-2
2006 Business Class in 1-2-1
2008 Suites only on the A380 (in a 1-2-1 layout)

Old 777-300ERs with no Premium Economy Cabin and old Business/First
2006 Economy in 3-3-3 starting as Row 31
2006 Business (8 seats in the forward cabin) in 1-2-1
2006 First (8 Seats in the First Class cabin) in 1-2-1


Upcoming Jets

A350-900 Regional
These jets will operate alongside Singapore Airlines’ regional 787s and have ‘similar onboard products’ but will be tweaked for further comfort as the jet is expected to reach distances ‘a little further’. SQ will be the launch customer for the A359 Regional.

Singapore Airlines has about 20 777X aircraft on order and will be used primarily on long haul routes with high demand like London and Paris. They will replace all old jets from the A330 and 777 family save for some 777-300ER.



We didn’t forget about SilkAir. As SilkAir operates regional flights to secondary destinations, its onboard product is definitely lacking compared to SQ. For one, SilkAir operates exclusively narrow body planes, which means that the aircraft only has one central aisle.  

Economy Class is in a 3-3 configuration whilst Business Class is 2-2. This means that every seat is essentially as good (or bad) as any other.

This may sound bad especially if you’re connecting from a Singapore Airlines flight, but remember that these seats are as good as the Domestic First Class offerings of major carriers in the US.

SilkAir seats do not feature any in-flight entertainment screens. Instead, an overhead screen pops down and streams whatever movie the airline has chosen for that particular flight.

If you’d like a more personal entertainment option, passengers have the option to stream content through SilkAir Studio (movies, music and the like) to their mobile devices using the in-flight Wi-Fi. 

All older jets (A319, A321 and 737-800s) are fitted with the older onboard products.

A319, A321 and 737-800
Economy (SilkAir) in 3-3
Business (SilkAir) in 2-2

737 MAX 8
2017 Economy (SilkAir) in 3-3
2017 Business (SilkAir) in 2-2

In any case, SilkAir is set to be absorbed into the fold of its parent Singapore Airlines. This will occur by the turn of the decade and will see Singapore Airlines operating narrow body jets. 

The integration means that the narrow body jets will get new lie-flat seats, probably the 2018 Business (Regional), and all seats will have seat-back inflight entertainment systems. This will be done progressively from 2020 and will be finalised once sufficient aircraft have been refitted, probably after the A319s and A320s have left the fleet.

star alliance.jpg

As Singapore Airlines does not operate flights to many secondary cities around the globe, it codeshares with partner airlines in order to connect passengers to their final intended destination. Here is a list of major cities (both leisure and business) that you may be interested in. 

Lufthansa: Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Vienna
SAS: Helsinki, Oslo, Warsaw, Vilnius, Tallinn
Air France: Madrid
Siberia Airlines: Vladivostok (via Hong Kong), Saint Petersburg, Volgograd and Yekaterinburg

Virgin Australia: Gold Coast, Alice Springs, Hobart, Broome
Fiji Airways: Nadi

Ethiopian Airlines: Abidjan, Accra, Kigali and Dar Es Salaam
South African Airways: Durban

The Americas
Virgin Atlantic: New York City, Washington DC, Miami
Air Canada: Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal
United: Atlanta
jetBlue: Boston, Chicago, New Orleans and Orlando
Alaska: Anchorage, Dallas, Honolulu, Los Cabs, Mexico City, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Las Vegas, Portland and San Diego

Asiana: Honolulu, Seattle
Turkish Airlines: Miami
Avianca: Bogota
Lufthansa: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
Swiss International: Sao Paulo, Vienna and Brussels
South African Airways: Sao Paulo


Booking a Flight

Do I have to pay to select seats on Singapore Airlines? What is Singapore Airlines' seat selection policy?

Yes, but only if you...

  • bought an Economy Lite fare

  • bought an Economy Standard fare and want Forward Zone seats

  • bought an Economic Flexi fare and want Extra Legroom seats

  • are travelling in Premium Economy and want Extra Legroom Seats

Can I avoid paying these seat selection fees? Can I select Economy seats for free on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, if you are a PPS Club, KrisFlyer Elite Gold, or Silver member. If not, complimentary selection becomes available 48 hours before departure. 

Which seats should I choose?

You can figure out  the type of jet you will be flying on (there are different configurations for the same 'type' of plane). If you require more strategic information, head over to SeatGuru.

Why does my Singapore Airlines flight have no seats left/all seats are occupied?

Singapore Airlines occasionally blocks out seats to ensure that their most loyal fliers have their 'first choice'. This however, usually only occurs for high demand routes and extremely short ones like Singapore - Kuala Lumpur where seat selection doesn't matter as much. Contact SQ for more information.

Any other problems

Call up Singapore Airlines Reservations at +65 6223 8888 or head to their head ticketing office at #04-05 Ion Orchard. 


I am travelling with excess baggage (weight above the limit) for my class of travel. What are the applicable charges?

Singapore Airlines' excess baggage charges are levied at each 'check in'. This means that extra charges are applicable if you check in multiple times throughout an itinerary. Refer to the Singapore Airlines excess baggage fee schedule for more information.

I've just missed my flight - what should I do?

As Singapore Airlines (like most legacy carriers) charges a no-show fee, this will be levied. If you'd like to rebook yourself onto the next flight, additional fees might be chargeable that comes on top of any potential fare differences.


Can I pay for flights or upgrade myself using KrisFlyer miles?

Yes, you can. Singapore Airlines Upgrades and Redemptions can be redeemed using KrisFlyer miles. Refer to the Travelcene Guide to Krisflyer and the PPS Club.

Can I earn KrisFlyer miles when flying with Singapore Airlines and SilkAir? 

Yes. The total amount you earn will depend on where you are flying to, your class of travel, and your fare class. Accrual rates are denoted as a percentage, which is applied against the total number of miles flown. Refer to the KrisFlyer accrual chart for Singapore Airlines and SilkAir.

Travel with Scoot accrues at a rate of 1 miles per dollar for itineraries with Scoot only flights. For a mixed SQ/MI and Scoot itinerary, the accrual rates of the KrisFlyer Scoot chart will apply.

Can I earn KrisFlyer miles when flying with other airlines? 

Yes, if you are travelling on Star Alliance carriers or other partner airlines and provided that you are travelling on an accruable fare class. Accrual rates are denoted as a percentage, which is applied against the total number of miles flown. Refer to the KrisFlyer partner accrual chart for more information. 

How do I calculate the number of flown miles to base the aforementioned accrual percentages on?

Singapore Airlines provides a handy accrual calculator for your perusal. 

Can I claim KrisFlyer miles on behalf of family or a friend? / Can I transfer KrisFlyer miles to another member?

No. KrisFlyer miles can only be earned by the person whose name appears on that specific ticket. KrisFlyer miles cannot be transferred between members. It is possible to redeem flights with miles on behalf of someone else, but only from one account at a time. Miles can never be 'pooled' for redemption.

I forgot to claim my miles on a recent flight? Can I retroactively claim them?

Yes, as long as the flight in question was taken within 6 months. Instructions for retroactively claiming KrisFlyer miles are available here.

I have issues with my KrisFlyer account.

Call up KrisFlyer Membership Services at +65 6789 8188.


As Singapore Airlines is currently undergoing a process of restructuring and change, expect many aspects of its business and operation to change with time. Not only has the carrier made significant changes to its frequent flyer programs KrisFlyer and PPS Club, it has also merged its carriers Scoot and Tigerair and is looking to merge the parent Singapore Airlines with sister carrier SilkAir in the near future. It is also looking to augment its products and service offerings to passengers and is pioneering an adoption of blockchain through a potential mobile payment system known as KrisPay. It is also looking to launch more credit cards in the near future. 

Singapore Airlines remain one of the world's most awarded airlines, maintaining a high level of service on board and on the ground. We hope that this guide has helped you demystify some aspects of travelling with the airline. This guide is also published as a sister guide to the Travelcene Guide to KrisFlyer and the PPS Club which focuses more on miles and points. The guide will teach you the in and outs of the KrisFlyer program including how to maximise your mileage earning potential, making sure you get the most value out of your redemptions. Stay tuned. 

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